Ever wished you could bring your indoor couch outside so you had the perfect outdoor room?

We have always dreamed of this and one day it just occurred to us that if we don’t do it then no one will (at least the right way). It was at this moment that the sofun® foam was born and brought to life. Now with only 6 pieces you can create the craziest most insanely comfortable outdoor rooms you’ve always dreamed of.

The sofun® foam pieces are made from proprietary open celled foam that allows for moisture to pass through and not be retained inside. This allows for a quick dry after the rain and this has always been a long standing problem with outdoor cushions. Since the pieces are made from foam completely it means there is no metal frames to worry about scratching or breaking down over the years in the elements of our weather. 

The covers have a simple zipper that unzips and the cover can be removed and washed at any time or replaced if something happens to damage the cover. Finally there is a mesh bottom on the cover that will allow any excess water to pass through therefore keeping the chairs dry.